A cello, a saxophone and a rhythm group – that is what’s needed to create the sound of Saltacello.

Saltacello’s music is boundless, unlimited and is the culmination of music from five continents. It´s a convincing mixture of thoroughly different styles – Latin Rhythms, Asian melodies, Jazz and Classical music become one in this poetic and dynamic blend of bound and culture.

Saltacello is a made up word, combining the Italian word “saltare” – which means to “leap” or “jump” – with the instrument, the cello.

The ensemble, founded in 1995 by pianist and composer Peter Schindler has recorded several CDs and given numerous concerts at home and abroad.

The dance stage play Soul, Sunflower was created to the music of Saltacello which has performed regulary since 2006 with the National Dance Theater of Korea.